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Governing Board

Board Members


 Vicki.jpgVicki Smith


Vicki Smith, President, is serving her 3rd term.  She has also served on the Parkway Local School Board and the Vantage Career Board and is currently on the Praise Point Church Board.  Vicki graduated from Parkway Local High School.  She is employed at the United Way of Van Wert County as Executive Director.  Vicki resides in the Willshire area with her husband, Dana. They have two children and five grandchildren ranging in the ages from 2-11 years old.

School Email: vicki.smith@mercercountyesc.org


 Pete.jpgPete Hayes 


Pete Hayes, Vice President, is  serving his 4th term.  Pete graduated from Parkway Local High School and is employed at Advanced Biological Marketing as Vice-President of Marketing.  Pete resides in the Rockford area with his wife, Twyla. They have three children and two grandchildren.

 School Email: pete.hayes@mercercountyesc.org


Jeff.jpg Jeff Davis 


Jeff Davis is serving his 2nd term.  Jeff graduated from St. Henry High School and attended the University of Toledo and the University of Findlay.  He is employed at Crown Equipment Corporation as a Senior Program Manager.  Jeff resides in the St. Henry area with his wife, Nancy, and their three children.

 School Email: jeff.davis@mercercountyesc.org


 Melissa.jpgMelissa Hoying 


Melissa Hoying is serving her 3rd term.  Melissa graduated from Fort Recovery High School and from Bluffton University.  She is employed by Medical Nutritional Therapists as a Registered Dietitian.  Melissa and her husband, Jeff, have four children and reside in the Fort Recovery area.

 School Email: melissa.hoying@mercercountyesc.org


 Tess.jpgTess Mescher


Tess Mescher is serving her 3rd term.  Tess has also served two terms on the Marion Local School Board.  She graduated from Marion Local High School and owns a service based business called, "Call Tess".  Tess and her husband, Don, have six children and one grandchild. They reside in the Maria Stein area.

 School Email: tess.mescher@mercercountyesc.org

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